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ReValv is the only retail DIY sprinkler system winterizing solution.

Its simple, easy-to-install patented design allows property owners to winterize above ground irrigation inlet/outlet (I/O) assemblies fitted with backflow prevention (BP) valves.

Once installed, ReValv reduces the complexity, time and costs associated with annual winterizing tasks and virtually eliminates BP valve mechanical failures caused by exposure to harsh weather conditions.


Kit contains all parts required to retrofit and winterize one 1” PVC above ground irrigation I/O assembly.


All parts and required tools are standard, non-proprietary items to ensure ease of installation and hassle-free repairs if, and when, it becomes necessary.



ReValv 1" PVC Winterizer Kit

SKU: 863394000304

Allows Property Owners to Perform Winterizing and De-Winterizing Tasks in Minutes

  • No Plumbing Experience Necessary for Installation
  • Installs in Under One Hour
  • Requires Zero Additional Tools or Costs Once Installed
  • Creates a Completely Removable BP Valve Assembly
  • Features a Replaceable Ball Valve Sub-Assembly
  • Works With New & Existing Sprinkler Systems
  • Prevents Leaks Caused by Freezing Related Damages
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